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6 Sleep Tips for New Parents

The moment you and your partner bring your new baby home, almost all of your energy and attention will go toward baby care. In fact, a recent study done by Sleep Junkie found that new parents only spent an average of 4 hours a day caring for themselves. This lack of self-care can leave new…

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Foster an Attitude of Gratitude This Thanksgiving

The busy holiday season is almost upon us, but before all the shopping and parties arrive, there’s Thanksgiving. Sure, it’s a celebration, but this simple American tradition is also perfectly poised to offer a day of respite and reflection before the big gift-giving season comes next month. The act of giving thanks is definitely one…

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Screen Time and Parents: Do You Need to Cut Back?

By now you’ve probably heard quite a bit about the dangers of too much screen time for young children. We’ve done two episodes on it. NPR’s Anya Kamenetz talked with us about real things parents should consider and Dr. Jordan Shapiro says we should teach our kids how to have a healthy relationship with screens.…

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