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Glen Bulloss on Dads & Depression | Dad Talk #33

New dad Glen Bulloss couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t happy after he became a dad. What was supposed to be an amazing time in his life didn’t feel like one. It turns out he, like many new parents, suffered from postpartum depression. Yes, dads experience it too. One study says it’s actually just as…

Pat Mancuso on Being Present | Dad Talk #25

Pat Mancuso and his family experienced something no family wants to experience, the loss of a child. That loss adjusted Pat’s perspective and changed the lives of his family. He shares how he’s been purposeful in being present with his family while still having a big business life.

Episode 19: Raising Grateful Kids

We’re following up last week’s episode on the science of gratitude with a look at how we help our children become more grateful. How do we take them from granted to gratitude? We talk with Dr. Andrea Hussong from the University of North Carolina about the four ways to look at gratitude and how we…