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How Are You Doing? | Three Dads Talk About Living During Coronavirus

By James Shaw | April 9, 2020 |

It was a message in our group chat, “How are you doing?” A friend wanted to know how we were coping through life today. It was a great question and one we figured we could answer together.Today we talk with two great dads, Scott Stevens and Robert Eaton about how they’re living during Coronavirus.

Helping Our Family Cope With COVID-19 Disruptions

By James Shaw | April 6, 2020 |

Our lives have been thrown upside down. It’s been tough for many families and you may be a bit more stressed. How can we help our kids, teens and family cope? We talked with Dr. Kelly Tu from the University of Illinois about how we can get through this and how to manage the feelings…

Safe At Home – Our Decision to Stay in the House

By James Shaw | March 30, 2020 |

It’s a different time. We’re all being asked to make sacrifices as we look to battle COVID-19. School is out, you’re working from home, events are cancelled. It’ kinda stinks. Our view of this situation has changed over the last couple weeks and we thought we’d share how we’re looking at it as a family.…

Welcome to Home School | Teaching Your Kids, and You, During COVID-19

By James Shaw | March 23, 2020 |

Nearly every school system in the country is closed and now you’re a home school parent. Some parents are worried about how to make it work or what the day should look like. Others are nervous about their child getting behind or not doing enough learning during the day. We asked a 12 year elementary…

Parenting During COVID-19 | Dr. Rebecca Schrag Hershberg on Our New Normal

By James Shaw | March 15, 2020 |

We’re entering a new normal. Schools closed, sports suspended, concerts rescheduled. Life as we knew it is hitting the pause button and we’re in new times. How can we help our kids and ourselves during the Coronavirus outbreak? Dr. Rebecca Schrag Hersberg is an expert on parenting and she shares some things we can think…

The Kids Are Home, Now What? – Dave Schmittou with Ideas for Parents

By James Shaw | March 14, 2020 |

Nearly 5 million American kids are out of school as the government looks to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. How can parents make this extended time at home work? Educator and author Dave Schmittou joins us in a special edition of Positively Dad to help parents make the most of this time.

Chris Lessard on How Hiring an Au Pair Is Helping His Family Connect

By James Shaw | March 12, 2020 |

Life gets busy and keeping things moving with the family is tough for many. That’s why some American families turn to an au pair for help. That’s what Chris and Nicole Lessard decided to do to help with their three children and their busy schedules. There are so many misunderstandings about an au pair does…

Are Your Relationships Starved? – Dr. Matt Townsend on the Seven Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships

By James Shaw | March 9, 2020 |

We all desire a dynamic relationship with our family. It’s not easy. Truly having strong and healthy relationships can come with challenges. Dr. Matt Townsend is an expert on relationships and his book Starved Stuff shows us how we can have great ones with our partner, children, friends – just about anyone. He’ll share the…

Shawn Watson on Fatherhood & the Road to Recovery | Dad Talk #37

By James Shaw | March 5, 2020 |

Shawn Watson was addicted to meth. His life was spent in and out of jail until he made a decision to put that life behind him. Now Shawn is a single dad raising his 11 year old daughter. He shares his story of fatherhood and his road to recovery and redemption.

Under Pressure: Our Daughters and Their Stress | E53

By James Shaw | March 2, 2020 |

Our kids, especially our daughters, are more stressed than ever. Some of that stress is good, it helps them grow and learn – like the stress over taking a test or learning something new. So when can it move past the good and into something where we should be concerned? How can we support our…

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