Got Hair Duty? 5 Tips for Flawlessly Styling Your Daughter’s Hair

Styling the hair of an adorable, wiggly and uncooperative little girl is a challenge for anyone. If you don’t normally have hair duty, however, you may find it exceptionally challenging. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of experience with hair gadgets and doodads, such as ties and barrettes. But you can do it! The key is to keep it simple and follow these tips:

Start with Damp or Wet Hair

If your daughter wakes up looking like Medusa, you must reset her hair back to factory settings. You can do this simply by spraying her hair with warm water from a spritz bottle and combing through it until all the humps, bumps and weirdness subside.

In addition to making your daughter look human again, wetting her hair will make it easier for you to style it. Damp hair is more cooperative, easier to hold onto and stays in place.

Remove Knots and Tangles

Since their hair is fine, little girls often develop tangles and knots that may seem impossible to remove. Do not give up hope and do not underestimate the importance of detangler and the right brush.

To remove tangles, spray your daughter’s damp hair with detangler or leave-in conditioner. Use a wet/dry brush to gently brush her hair, starting at the ends and working your way up closer to the scalp. If the process seems painful for her, hold each section of hair with your left hand as you brush so you do not pull her hair at the scalp.

Choose the Right Tools and Accessories

The tools and accessories you choose can make or break your success. If you’re new to hair styling, skip the fancy styling tools. Instead, use a brush (it grabs more hair in one stroke which will make it easier for you) and a couple of barrettes or coated hair bands. Do not use rubber bands as they may cut your daughter’s hair or get impossibly entangled in it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Product

The right products can work wonders. A touch of mousse can tame your daughter’s wayward curls, and a shot of hairspray can keep errant strands in place. If you don’t have any children’s products to use, you can use mom’s products. However, you should use a very small amount since they are heavier and more concentrated than children’s products.

Execute a Simple Style

All your prep work has come down to this moment. It’s time to execute the style. Don’t worry, you got this! Choose a simple style, such as a ponytail or side barrette. If you’re feeling brave, a few alterations in technique can transform these basic styles into more elaborate ones.

The Ponytail

To create a ponytail, brush all of your daughter’s hair straight back away from her face. Decide if you want to place the ponytail high on her head or at the nape of her neck (Hint: the lower the ponytail, the easier it is to execute). Grasp your daughter’s hair with your left hand and hold it where you want the ponytail to be. Continue brushing her hair and smoothing it out until you’re holding a sleek ponytail in your hand. Hold it in place with a coated hair band. If the band is not snug enough, twist the band one turn, creating a second loop, and pull the hair through.

To add some variety, consider creating pigtails or a ponytail train. For pigtails, part your daughter’s hair evenly down the middle. Place each side into a ponytail. For a ponytail train, create a half ponytail on top of the head using only the front of your daughter’s hair. Carve out another section of hair directly under it to form a new ponytail that connects to the previous one. Continue until all the hair is pulled back.

Side Barrettes

Side barrettes are the easiest style to pull off. Simply part your daughter’s hair as you normally would. Brush one side back, sliding a barrette in at the top of her ear to hold the hair in place. Repeat for the other side. If you want to add some flair, twist each side section of hair several turns before pinning it back with a barrette.

With a little practice, you will soon be styling your daughter’s hair like a pro. Once you gain some confidence, don’t be afraid to try new things. There are multiple styles you can create in less than five minutes.

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