Brian Lewis on Positive Parenting and True Connection

Brian Lewis is a dad of three and wants is kids to grow up in an uplifting home. That can be tough at times and he and his wife work really hard to keep things positive. Brian shares how they believe we can build a true connection with our kids.

It’s a follow up to the episode we did with Brian’s wife, Katherine Reynolds Lewis on behavior and one that will help you see what really happens in their home.

About the author, James

Thank you for joining me for the Positively Dad journey! My name is James Shaw and I'm a husband and father. I live in the Tampa Bay area with my wife, Terri and our young daughter, Naomi. The goal with Positively Dad for us to think, learn and grow. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day and miss opportunities to become amazing fathers. I trust that the conversations we have on Positively Dad will help you see that fatherhood is truly a journey and that we are better together than figuring it all out on our own.

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