Dad, You’re Stressing Me Out | E52

Yes, we just want to help. We want our kids to realize things aren’t as bad as they think. We have so much more experience… if they would only listen.

It’s something we think often and it’s making us struggle in connecting with your kids. And then the older our kids get, the less effective this type of parenting can be.

Dr. Kelly Tu from the University of Illinois did the research on what’s stressing kids out and how parents are sometimes contributing to that stress. She says that as kids grow up and begin puberty, we sometimes do more harm than good.

This is an important conversation for parents who intend to support their kids and help them navigate all that comes with growing up.

About the author, James

Thank you for joining me for the Positively Dad journey! My name is James Shaw and I'm a husband and father. I live in the Tampa Bay area with my wife, Terri and our young daughter, Naomi. The goal with Positively Dad for us to think, learn and grow. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day and miss opportunities to become amazing fathers. I trust that the conversations we have on Positively Dad will help you see that fatherhood is truly a journey and that we are better together than figuring it all out on our own.

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